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Cross-Platform | Bring Your Own Console

  • Online Qualifiers Date: TBD

  • Time: TBD Check-In Starts, TBD Tournament begins

  • Make sure to join the Discord and ask for the Roles:

  • Team Composition: 5 players and 2 substitutes

  • Mode: Tournament Mode

  • Map: Theia Sky Ruins. The games will be played in the Draft Pick version of the map

  • Bans: In-games Draft Pick Mode Bans (2 per team)

  • Region Specification* - If you are registering from outside of Puerto Rico, and qualify for the finals, at least 4 of the team members must be present (in person) the day of the event finals on October 12-13. Only 1 player can participate online.

  • All Pokémons that are available/released for Aeos Coins for more than a 14 days prior to the event are allowed. This is applicable to DLC/New Pokémon. We will use Pokemon Bans from the Official WCS or from the Unite Mathcord.

  • Tournament format is Double Elimination and will be Best of 3 games.

  • Qualifiers for the finals are going to be held online from TBD onwards. Please stay tuned to our social media to keep updated.

  • Finals (TBD) are on-site at the event venue the day of the event (see Region Specifications*) and Grand Finals will be Best of 5 games. Grand Finals will not have a reset and instead the team coming from the loser side will have to win an additional game (4).

  • Screenshot the end results screen and the damage/stats screen. Screenshots should be provided by the winning team captain.

  • The highest seeded team gets to host and draft pick first Game 1. The losing team proceeds to host and draft pick the next game.

  • Teams will have five minutes to communicate with the opposing team before every match starts. Any delays must be communicated to the tournament organizers and will result in a game loss if the TO finds out its an intentional delay.

  • Teams must consist of a minimum of five players and may have two substitute players. Substitutions may be done between matches (not games).

  • Disconnecting within the first minute (1 minute) of the game will result in a single (per team) remake. The team with the disconnected player should remain in the spawn area in order to notify the other team as soon as possible. Remade games must keep the same team comps and items.

  • Trainer names must not contain offensive names and the TO can ask the trainer to change their name. Players who don't change their offensive trainer names will be disqualified from the event and no refunds are awarded.

  • Smurfing and account sharing is strictly prohibited. Any player/team caught in action will result in a complete disqualification from the event and will be warned for future events. A second offense will result in a ban from future events.

  • Matches are to be streamed in the Spectator Mode of the game to avoid screen/stream sniping.

  • Lateness - When the match is called, a 5 minutes timer will be given to each team for the match's first game loss; 5 more minutes and the team will result in a complete match loss. In case of a best of 5 game, an extra 5 minutes will be given to compensate for game 3.

  • All decisions made by tournament organizers are final. In an event of an unknown bug being abused maliciously, the offenders team will be disqualified from the tournament. Rules might be adjusted mid tournament to ban those bugs or Pokémon Involved.

  • Rules may be subject to change.

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