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PS5 | Bring Your Own Controller

  • Duration of each period: 5 minutes

  • Only current NBA teams will be used. Retro, Fantasy, and/or All-Star teams are prohibited

  • Changing teams during the tournament is allowed.

  • You can also change plays and coach settings during the tournament

  • Playing against the same team is allowed.

  • Mode: Play Now

    • Settings and Camera Views: DEFAULT, (2K camera can be used if both players agree)

    • Skill level: HALL OF FAME

    • Manual or Automatic substitutions, Time Outs, and Late Game Fouling are allowed, but must be set before the start of the game

  • Manual substitutions using the START button are not allowed. Substitutions are only allowed via the D-Pad and during Time-Outs

  • Do not block the other player's view.
    No "Off-ball defense" (Do not let the CPU defend the other player)
    Any adjustments to the starting lineup must be made before the start of the game.
    Injuries/"Player Fatigue" will be active.
    If you pause the game using the START button, you must use one of your Time-Outs as a penalty."

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