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TBD | Bring Your Own Controller

  • These are the “Game Play Rules” governing how MultiVersus is played during the Tournament. All rules can be changed by the Tournament Organizer without prior notice.

  • All competitors are required to bring their own controller WITH A USB CABLE in order to play matches.

  • All PS4, PS5, Switch Pro, Xbox Series, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 controllers are allowed. 
    - They must be used with a USB cable (wired). 
    - Instead of a keyboard, arcade sticks, leverless or mixbox controllers can be used.
    - Macro functions (e.g. turbo buttons) are not permitted.
    - The controller must be compatible with the Brook Wingman converter

  • First party controllers that will work include:
    - Sony DualShock 4 (PS4)
    - Sony DualSense (PS5)
    - Switch Pro controller
    - Xbox Series controller
    - Xbox One controller
    - GameCube controllers will work with a 8Bitdo GBros. Adapter in Xinput mode using a USB cable.

          - Leverless controllers, such as Hitbox, Snackbox Micro, Razer Kitsune, Victrix FS-12, etc.- WASD layout "Mixbox"               controllers, such as Haute42 B16, Haute42 Mini, Mavercade KeebFighter, etc.- If the use of a mouse for attacks               is   desired, the Hori Tactical Assault Commander or Hori TAC Pro Type M2 are available.

  • Each team member must have already obtained a valid Competitor pass. Failure to do so will have the team removed from the tournament.

  •  Game Version: Console
    - Exact version TBD.
    - Tentative: Xbox Series X|S or PlayStation 5 with Brook controller converters (allows other platform controllers to work).
    - Local Play: Teams Mode
    - All Characters and Perks are unlocked in Local Play Mode
    **1.3. Keyboard substitutes**

  •  Game Play -This section will be updated later.

  • Rules may be subject to change.

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