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PS4 Pro | Bring Your Own Controller

Platform rules
  • Game version: PS4 Pro

  • All Characters that have been available for more than a period of 2 weeks are allowed. This is applicable to DLC Characters.

Controller rules
  • Leverless/Mixbox/Crossup SOCD will be Up+Down = Neutral

Match format
  • Tournament format is Double Elimination and will be best 2 out of 3 (FT2).

  • Final matches (Winners, Losers and Grand Finals) will be best 3 out of 5 (FT3).

  • Winner of a match cannot change characters.

  • Winner may change position of their characters if the loser picks position change.

  • Loser of a match can change characters and positions.

  • Pressing Pause during the match will automatically result in giving a match to your opponent. No exceptions allowed. TO cannot overrule this.

  • Any glitch during the match which may delay or prohibit your opponent from playing will result in a loss to the person delaying the match through a game-breaking glitch. Repeated use of glitches will result in disqualification.

Other information
  • Rules may be subject to change.

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