Additional Events

APEX Legends Circuit 

  • You think you have what it takes to compete against the best Apex Legends players in the world? You want to compete for over $3 million in prizing? Then be sure to check out the official Apex Legends Global Series website to learn more and sign up for future tournaments.

  • You want to compete against the best in your region for $500k? Be sure to check out the Apex Legends Autumn Circuit website to learn more and sign up for future regional tournaments.

  • Autumn Circuit Schedule: 



Turno 31 Experience

First Attack invites you to​ be part of the Turno 31 Halloween Experience. TURNO 31 brings you an unique 360 experience while using your mobile phone with VR glasses,. Allowing you to enjoy a spooky and haunting experience from the comfort of your home.



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First Attack

LATAM’s Video Game event with the biggest roster of international guests: Renowned players, Casters, Streamers, developers and much more.

First Attack is part of the CAPCOM Pro Tour (CPT) as a Premier and Regional Finals Event certified by Capcom for Capcom Cup. 


Phone: 787-510-5260


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